Voting Thoughts


Today is the day we Americans decide who are are going to choose to lead our country. Heavy stuff! I have been MIA for a while now on my blog and decided THIS is the best time to get on the ole blog-a-roo and reconnect. Can I pick my days or what!

This blog is not going to be about WHO to vote for in this election. If you have been on any social media, you have been verbally and visually thrown up on by everyone else dictating where your vote should be cast.

Instead, I am just going to share some thoughts on this subject. Let me decide for myself. I am an adult and have computer and research skills. I can analyze and decipher who will get my vote based on my beliefs and views. I do not need your articles or memes to sway my vote or to influence me. If anything else, you are causing me to NOT vote for your candidate!

A long long time ago, I listened to Larry North, the fitness guru, speak. One thing I took away was to choose the better bad. When trying to be healthy, Mr. North said you should choose the better bad. We have to all make choices in life, some good and some bad. So I have taken this advice and put it to work in my everyday life and choices.

Circling back around, according to my social media, both candidates are bad for America. Ok, thanks for the update. So going back to Larry North's philosophy, I am going to choose what I feel is the better bad.

America is about the people. It says so in its documents! So, we the people need to get out and vote for the candidate we feel will lead us in the direction we want to the country to go.

I tell my students: If you do not vote, you do not have the right to gripe and complain about what is going on in the country because you did not exercise your right to vote and have a voice. No voice then, no voice now. Harsh? Maybe, but it is my belief and I want them to start thinking (at the age of 17-18) how important it is to cast your vote.

As for me, I will be voting for.... Did you really think I would tell you?  Silly people!


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