Hodgepodge and I are Back!

I have so been MIA for so long. I wanted to pick up my laptop and write, but something has kept me from it. Was it procrastination? Being away too long? Thinking I have nothing to say (yeah right!)? I don't have that answer. All I know is today I am determined to crank out a heartfelt post. 
Ahhhh, a deep breath and a happy sigh of contentment...and let's begin....
1. What's changed in your life, home, or community since your last birthday? 
Well, since my birthday is in February, I have a whole year of change. 
1. I have seen my dad battle another cancer (it was removed and he is on chemo pills with great prognosis)
2. I have a new principal at school so a breath of fresh air has swirled a little bit and given me a little pep in my step. Well, at least I don't lay in bed begging not to go to work today. LOL 
3. I am getting married in October!! Finally, I know. It took a while for all parties to be ready and comfortable. It will be a simple wedding with family and very close friends. Hoping to blog about it all soon.

2. September is Classical Music Month. Do you like/listen to classical music? If so what's a favorite piece and/or who is a favorite composer? 
I am not a big classical music lover, unless it is classic rock! LOL I do love to hear Pachabel's Canon in D minor. I also love to listen to a piece of music with a flute in it. No specific piece or composer though.

3. Besides The Bible, what's a book that has positively changed your life, relationships, career, or perspective? How so? 
The Power of Intention by Wayne Dyer. It made me change my perception of what I put out in the world. I have become more positive in my thoughts and actions. One of my mottos is "Positive out brings positive back". 


4. I read (here) these ten hobbies will make you smarter...play a musical instrument, read voraciously, meditate regularly, work out your brain (puzzles, sudoku, board games, etc), exercise often, learn a new language, write your feelings down (blog, journal, just write), travel to new places, cook different kinds of meals, participate in sports actively

Are any on this list your current hobbies? Which hobby on the list would you be most inclined to try? 
I definitely believe in keeping your mind active. I think it also helps stave off Alzheimer. With this in mind, I do puzzles such as sudoku and word searches. I travel more because I enjoy it. Also I am an avid reader, mostly romances but that is between you and me!

5. What sports traditions does your family have? 
Our tradition is to not watch/follow sports. We are not big sports fans. Oh, I enjoyed playing basketball and my folks would watch me play but that was it. 

6. In a few words, weigh in on the current football/National Anthem brouhaha. Keep it family friendly please. 
I am on the fence. Yes it is freedom of speech (to me) but it is a respect issue. You at least stand and pay respects for our freedoms in our country and those who have made and who will keep those freedoms for us.
There are other ways to protest and make an impact. Yes this type of protest has gotten a lot of attention, which I am sure is what he wants. I just do not know if this type of protest will get the results. That is what a protest is about, right? Change?  

7. Where do you have loads of patience, and where do you most lack patience? 
Nope! I am pretty much patience-less (if that is a word). I can not stand waiting in line or being around a large crowd of people. I am very demanding of my time. I want what I want when I want it. 
I do have patience with my dad though and anyone who is elderly.

8. Insert your own random thought here. 
I went to the Dallas Pinners Conference! It was cool to walk around the vendors and check out the different things offered. Because I was late in registering, I decided not to sign up for any classes. The ones I wanted were already on stand by. I will be going back if it comes around. If you have questions about it, I would love to let you know my thoughts!

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