Summer Hodgepodge

Let's get started on our Wednesday Hodgepodge from Joyce at From This Side of the Pond. Jump on in and join us! We don't bite, I promise!

1. It's officially summer (in the northern hemisphere anyway). Which summer month is best and why?

Living in Texas, there is no better summer month. It is either hot, hotter or we are living next door to Satan. With that in mind, May or September/October. The are the beginning and ending (roughly) of summer and not triple digits. You can actually go outside and enjoy!

2. Can you swim? How did you learn? June 27th is National Sunglasses Day. How many pair do you own?

I grew up a fish. I was always found at the pool in the summer. I am sure I took classes, because my dad is not a great swimmer. He won't drown, and he survived the Navy. Mom was a fish and loved to swim laps. Maybe I got it from her. As an adult, I don't swim anymore. I guess it is more about how I look than anything else. As for sunglasses, I have four or five pair in the car. One is prescription and the others are for whatever I am in the mood for (while wearing my contacts). 

3. What characteristic do you judge most harshly in yourself? How about in others?

I think I read somewhere, that what we judge in others is something lacking in ours. With that in mind, I have no willpower so I totally judge women based on body (mostly thinner looking women). I think it also stems back to childhood and being compared to others. This is probably why I do it. At work I judge others by their kissing ass attitude or tooting their horn/look at me. I definitely do not have this and it totally bothers me to see others do it!

4. Robert Frost wrote the now well known poem entitled The Road Not Taken. What's a road (literal or figurative) you've always wanted to travel, and where do you hope it takes you? 

 Literally, too many places to name, but anything dealing with nature, waterfalls, wildlife, trees, etc. I think our next trip will be to Oregon which is totally new to both LT and I. Lot's of roads to explore!

Figuratively, knowledge for work. I am in the process of reading some books from well know educators (8 in total). My path I am cutting is to make me a leader, a go to person, and someone who will help students not only in the present, but give them a better future. Basically I want to turn the entitled kids of today into gritty adults that work and strive for what they want/need and will be successful.

5. Popsicles-yay or nay? If you answered yay, what's your favorite flavor? 

Nay, not a real big fan of ice in any form. I'd rather have a Fudgsicle or ice cream. Upon looking up how to spell Fudgsicle, I see that Popsicle makes them, so yay I 'll eat one.

6. Brexit-on a scale of 1-10 how knowledgeable are you on what's involved here? (1=very knowledgeable and 10=what's Brexit) Is this news you'll follow or is it something you think won't impact your life in any way shape or form?

10. Not gonna lie. I know what happened (because I looked up EU) but that is about it. Not gonna lie, but I don't really watch the news. LT is a news hound and that is the only reason I know what is going on in the world. 

7. Share a favorite song on your summer play list.

If you know me, you know I love music. I have a gazillion playlists, but nothing specific for summer. So I will chose a song (or 3) that reminds me of summer or has summer in the title!  

Summer Lovin' from Grease
Summer of 69 from Bryan Adams
Boys of Summer by Don Henley
8. Insert your own random thought here. 

Fourth of July is fast approaching and we have the families from Oklahoma arriving tomorrow. I am hoping to take the grand-niece and nephew the Perot Museum or Tyler Zoo. Knowing them, they want the pool at my sister's house and won't get out until it is time to eat, sleep or use the bathroom!

This photo of Perot Museum of Nature and Science is courtesy of TripAdvisor

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