Round 2 of Blogging and a Hodgepodge

I know, I know, I have been MIA for so long! I tell ya, I just can't get all my crap together at once. It seems somethings gotta give and it has been the blog. Right now blogging is like dieting, when you get off the wagon, just jump back on and keep going. 
So I am trying to ease back in and what better why than with Joyce's Hodgepodge! So let's see if I can crank out a thoughtful, inspiring, oh who are we kidding, I am hoping to finish this post! LOL

1. March is National Women's History Month. In that vein, who are three women who've been influential in your life? How so? 
Well, my mom. She had a quiet strength and was always there. I knew I could count on her for support, advice, or a recipe with only three things in my house! Man I miss her.
My oldest sister. She is the one who helped and supported me when I decided to move to Texas. She encouraged me to get my degree and start teaching. She is always lifting me up with positive pep talk.
I really don't have a third, but maybe my dad's aunt who lived in Montana and I met once. Her whole demeanor was that of a lady: the way she looked, talked, moved. That had always stuck with me and it has been almost 30 years.
Now who are 3 women idols I have: Nancy Reagan, Lady Diana, and Jackie Kennedy are three off the top of my head...all classy ladies.

2. In what ways do you think women have it easier than men? 

Emotions. I think men are taught either by dad or by observation to not show emotions. Women have it easier to be allowed to  (and expected to) have emotions. 
Of course I turn my LT to fight my small battles against spiders, geckos and snakes. And to be my muscles when I can't.

3. What do you need most right now: faith, love, hope, or peace? 

 We can all use all of these all the time, right. But for right now, to chose, this very moment: hope.  

4. Do you have a collection? If so, what do you collect and why? 
I had a teacup and saucer collection a long time ago. I had to stop because I was running out of room and didn't want to buy more shelving! It just started. I can't remember when, but probably on vacations I'd pick one up. Then my mom to an estate sale for an elderly lady she knew. She had to do a phone bid, but she got me Mrs. Walker's tea cup collection. It was small but it was over 40 years old at the time. Her son would purchase them on trips around the world. It just holds a special place and memories come back as well as smiles when I use them.

5. Plaids, checks, polka dots, stripes...your favorite?
Depends. On my body...solid black. In my house, stripes (not circus stripes either) but if I was to do some kind of DIY, arty fartsy thing, any and all would be used. My fav is probably stripes.

6. In what ways are you the same as your childhood self? 
I am still a person that can entertain themselves. I grew up an only child (my 2 sisters are 9 and 10 yrs older than me). So I have been used to it being just me. Another thing is I still have a child like behavior in a sense. Things like my sense of humor, acting goofy, coloring, reading children's books.

7. You're a contestant on the TV game show Jeopardy. What category will you ace?  
 It is too early in the morning to think of this! Ummmm let's see.... maybe a questions about the TV series The Big Bang Theory. I am sure there is something else, but that's all I got this morning.


8. Insert your own random thought here. 
I am on my Spring Break this week. Yay! I'll run up and spend some time with Dad while LT holds down the fort. Heck, Dad and I may shoot up to Kansas for a weekend. I don't know when or what I will be doing for lesson plans next week. Guess I will put it on the back burner until Sunday night! LOL Yep, I put the "pro" in procrastinator!

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