Tornado in December at Christmas

Yep, you read that title right!

The day after Christmas, LT and I enjoy hanging out together (I spent a week in Oklahoma with my dad) in our lazy boys (well mine is a lazy girl, but whatever). We found out we are in a tornado watch, but not concerned. Watches mean something might happen, but rarely does. And it's December! How can you have a tornado in winter?

Well, the day was about 70 degrees and a cold front was barring down on us. We expected the rain and were ready for it. LT and I were watching TV and it was looking pretty bad on the news about the weather. I told him we needed to get prepared: put on shoes, gather my purse and his wallet, get Gavin in his harness with his leash in the closet. I also grabbed Mama's wedding ring. It was a little silly, but then the electricity was dimming and coming back on and it was really faint. In my mind I questioned what I was seeing.

Then it happened. The electricity went off and the tornado sirens went on. To the bathroom the three of us went. We had our phones, but didn't get cell service, only text messages. My sister in Oklahoma was keeping us informed. My other sister was in the bathroom at her house 10 miles away, alone. We tried not to use the phone much because the battery would drain. So on the floor we sat. And listened. Then I heard it. The train. It didn't last long, but I heard that roar of the tornado. Quiet followed. Still no electricity, but everything was good at the house.

On a side note: Gavin did awesome in the bathroom! He just laid there and let me pet him. Heck I think he might have been taking a nap!

When LT and I went outside to see what was happening, it was surreal. Complete darkness. A couple of flashlights moving down the street. We decided to head towards the main road to see if we can get out of our neighborhood. Walking down the street we start to see Styrofoam here. insulation there. Gutters. Metal. Fences down. Tree branches hanging. Generators humming at the hospital. We get to the main road and there are cars driving around so there was some light.

Walking in a parking lot, we take in awnings down on businesses, metal roofing off, debris everywhere. The funny thing about walking around is you get tunnel vision. You are in awe of the damage all around and you don't pay attention to what is in front of you. Luckily I saw we were walking straight to a down power line. After we maneuvered around, electric poles were snapped in two everywhere. That is when we decided it was stupid to be out and to get home.

That little bit of damage we saw was nothing compared to the destruction two blocks away. As of right now we have not assess any damage outside our neighborhood. Most roads are either closed or so congested it would take hours to get around and back home. We are hoping to get, and see what is going on in our city, and get some groceries.

It is weird. We are going on with our everyday life (now that electricity, cable, and internet is restored), but two blocks over, there are people who have no idea what they are going to do, where to go. Grateful is a small a word of what I am feeling. I know once I get a full visual of what is going on it will really hit me.

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