Santa Baby


How much fun can a person have? I don't know but I think I was in the zone last night!
A couple of coworkers and I went to a Painting With a Twist party and painted that little cutie patootie Santa! The best part is that I pushed down my type A personality and just went with it! Best part was it was pre-drawn which too the pressure off of me!

You know I usually go into these types of things worrying about what I look like, how well I am going to do, what other people think of me. Last night, those thoughts were on a very low volume. Let's face it, I can't get completely away from those voices overnight! 

One thing I learned was to walk away. Instead of trying to make it like the picture in the advertisement or the class, or like my neighbors, I would tell myself to walk away. Every time I picked up my brush to "even" something out or "add" some shading, I would stop myself and walk away. This is HUGE! In my mind (thanks parental units for doing this to me) I had to be perfect. I am learning it is what it is and it is the way it is supposed to be. If you jack with it too much, it gets jacked! (I just made that up on the fly and like that saying. i wonder if there is a market with that saying on a card?)

The other thing I learned was to loosen up! Who cares what people think! This is another hard one (thanks again folks) because I am always concerned about what I look like (usually look like a fool!). Come to find out, I am pretty foolish and funny, but it allowed others to be that way too! It seemed they needed someone to do it so they knew it was ok to do it too.

We were the Scooby Doo squad! I am Daphne on the end. We were supposed to be scared. I don't think I am looking in the right direction, but oh well. We laughed so hard after!
Ho! HO! HO! A little Christmas fun with Santa an the Grinch. I was roped into being Rudolph
I don't think I had a problem being Rudolph do you? Just as a side note, most of my photos has my mouth open. Don't ask....
Moral of my night out: Go have fun. Don't think, just do. Don't over analyze, just go with the flow. And finally, just put down the brush and enjoy. 

I think lately we have our heads in our phones and not taking time to be in the moment. It doesn't matter if we are alone, with friends or colleagues. We need to learn to enjoy were we are, Find the laughter and joy, and make memories. I know this is what I did last night and I had one of the best times! 

(By the is ok to laugh and smile at my Rudolph. I had fun and want to share it with y'all! I just don't do parites lol!)

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