Resolve to End Resolutions!

2015 is creeping to a close and it is usually around this time we start the panic of what is on my list for the new year? Let's be honest, we do not follow those lists we make in January. I'll prove of hands who 1) knows what was on their list in January 2015 and 2) stuck with it. Yeah, that's what I thought...not many if any can answer these questions. And if you did, it is because it is the same resolutions you have every year so it is just ingrained in you! Be honest!

Why do you do that to yourself? Why do you set yourself up for failure? You do realize you fail right when you set that goal. Why even set a goal? Why not have just ONE word that will resonate within you for the whole year. That is easier than beating yourself up because it is December 7, and you haven't lost those 30 lbs you wanted to all year and now you feel like a loser. Break the chains, my friends!

I will let you in on a secret.... I stopped doing resolutions and now follow one word for the year. You can find all about it on my blog. Here are two of my words I focused on. BRAVE 2014 and LIVE: 2015. Usually in December my word just comes to me...BAM!

Now that is out of the way, let me interject some insight. 2014, I totally rocked my word. It kept springing up everywhere. I kept focused, had a bird symbol throughout my house and job to keep me on track and immersed myself in my word.

In 2015, my word sucked. I felt I just grabbed some word to make it work. It didn't "fit" me. I guess maybe I was trying to say I want to "live" while mama was dying. I never "lived" or focused on my word and I floundered that year...bad!

My word for 2016 is....

Cliff hanger!

Do you do a word of the year or resolutions? How are either of them working out for you?

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