Being Sick...Memories of Childhood

As kids, we want to skip school, especially during that test we know we won't pass. In my house, you were questioned as to the extent of your sickness.

You see in my house, if you were too sick to go to school, you were too sick to do ANYTHING including anything after school. When I was sick, I had to really think is this worth it? Most of the times it wasn't. I got to the point, unless I had a fever or vomiting, I went to school.

This has carried on into adulthood. I rarely took any time off of work, unless fever or vomit. Then, Mom got sick and I learned to take time for myself. Now we are back full circle and I don't time off. Here I am, sick with acute upper respiratory infection bronchitis and I have not taken any time off of work. Sure I was sick during the holiday break, but still I should have taken time off to get better.

It is like I tell my students. We all have choices to make and we have to deal with the consequences. I have chosen not to take time off and my consequence is a long recovery with the threat of additional sickness and more money spent of prescriptions. I really prefer the choices that gives me good consequences. This just isn't one of those times.

So while I sit here and type, cough, spit and blow (sick I know), I wish I could throw it all to the wind and take a day off to recoup. Maybe during my conference I can go into dream land where I am laying on the beach, the sun baking my chest and healing me while the waves relax me to a comatose state.

Until then, I am feeling better to be at least be posting! I am already for tomorrow's Hodgepodge!

Enjoy your first day of December!

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