Horrible Holiday Vacation

There is always been one of us who gets sick during the holidays. This year, I was the lucky one.

I drove up Saturday to OKC do on Sunday papa and I could travel to Kansas and  winterize the house.

I had been coughing but it was mostly allergies. But I also know myself and how easy I get sinus infections and bronchitis.

I tried how go to a clinic in Kansas but it was a 4 hour wait! I'm not staying with all those sick people so papa and I drive back home and I got a clinic there. Now I have to note that it is a 4 hour drive from Texas to Oklahoma and another 4 from Oklahoma to Kansas. And I'm sick. And my 81 yr old father doesn't drive much.

Let's just wrap this all up. I am typing this on my phone while laying in bed with acute upper resporitory infection and will be like  this, all week. I won't be driving back to Texas until I'm better and no longer contagious

Awesome. Good news I get  out  of cooking and clean up. Bad news I'll probaby be in bed the whole time and won't get to see LT. I made him stay home so he won't get sick

So for this Thanksgiving I am not really thankful for much right now except I'm not in the hospital. I'll have to work on that.

Got a feeling y'all won't hear from me all week. If I get to feeling better, I'll give you a shout out. Have safe travels, loads of laughter, and multitudes of love and blessings whatever you do for the holidays.


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