Did I or Didn't I Get My Brave On?

I can sum up this whole post with one word, maybe two....I suck. No I did not go to the EdCamp on Saturday.

It was in an unfamiliar place and I was (easily) persuaded to go do something else that day. I was under the idea we were to look at Lazy-Boy recliners, with the possibility of purchasing two.

Instead, we were lazy and did laundry and go out to dinner. That was it! And oh how I loved it. I guess I am just not ready to do things on my own. I am much better with a buddy. I will try new things with a buddy to hold my hand.

Oh well....

LT and I did head over to Tyler, Tx to eat at one of our favorite Mexican eateries, Don Juan. It is so worth the  2 hour drive! I even talked him into roaming around Drug Emporium. Tyler is the only place close that has a Drug Emporium. I LOVE that place! It has a little bit of everything. Think of a Walgreens or CVS. I was able to get different hair products that are not carried at Ulta.

I even found a new Nut Thin! I love me some Nut Thin crackers. They are crackers made out of almond nuts (wheat and gluten free, baby!) My newest addiction is Honey Nut Thins with Cinnamon. Oh Lord have mercy on me! It is my new crack! I should have bought 2 boxes like LT told me to do!

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