Trippin' With Dad

Ok, the title really sounds bad, but it's not I tell ya....Its snot!

You are never too old
to hold your
Daddy's hand.
A couple of weeks ago Daddy had to have cataract surgery in his left eye and they also put a stent in it for pre-glacoma. He was a trouper and did great! He was very diligent on telling us when it is time for us to put drops in his eye!

Because my sister D and I were up there over that weekend, we decided a road trip was called for and packed Daddy up and off we went! We drove over to Clinton, OK to see the Route 66 Museum. It was really cool with all the exhibits.

 The first one was how they surveyed and made the highway. Daddy used to work on a road crew when he came back from Korean War so he had stories to tell and informed us what the different tools were, etc. Then we saw the different vehicles during the era. He reminisced about the truck he had on the farm. It looked the like one you have seen on "Grapes of Wrath". Then we turned the corner and came to the soda shop. This held so many memories for him because that is were he met Mama, when she was working the soda shop. He asked her out the same day he met her and he was there to buy stamps to send a letter to another girl! I am not sure I can take that kind of history! LOL

It was so cool to hear how you used to actually hand pump your gas before it would flow up and out the hose into your car or how you had to reset the pump after you were finished pumping your gas. I never would have known this history if it wasn't for Daddy sharing it with us.

After that we were feeling pretty lucky so off to the local gambling hall. Daddy and I were the big winners of $16 each from the slot machines. I am not a gambler. I wanted to take the $10 and put it in my pocket, but I was FORCED to pull the one arm bandit. Won $6 but not flying off to Vegas with that kind of luck!

We also took Daddy to Pops and the Big Round Barn in Arcadia, Ok. Nothing to was free. It was really cool to check out the old barn and see how it was made. You don't see round barns anymore.

On a side note, Daddy's eye (surgery eye) had some blood his body did not reabsorb and so it blocked out his vision and couldn't see. We all thought he had a detached retina, but it wasn't! He thought he did something, like go to the museum and used his eye a lot, and that is why his vision went black. Doctor looked at it and was very reassuring.

We are always trying to take care of Daddy and worry about him without his companion of 56 years. What we are getting in the process is more time with Daddy and so many memories! We are making more memories now than we did growing up it seems. We are also learning what a worry wort he has become!...but with good reason.

Daily I am blessed having my dad in my life. Please don't take life for granted or think I'll call them later. Do it now. I am finding out, even though Daddy was never a talker on the phone, he is missing that connection. I am learning to call and talk to him more. It was mostly Mama and I that would talk for hours on the phone and Daddy and I only a few minutes. Funny how things change or how blinders you were wearing (but didn't know) fall away and you see things in a new light.

FYI: Daddy had his right eye done a few days ago and it went perfectly! Of course he didn't do anything that whole weekend because he was stressed out from what happened with the left eye. All is good though! Now to talk him into another trip!

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