I am Still Alive and Kicking

It has been sooo long since I have opened my blog I feel like a big fat failure! So much has been going on that I really haven't felt like doing anything! Some days it feels like I am just surviving. I am hoping this is all going to change.

When we last met, I was changing programs at work. Still not happy with it, but it is not the students that are the issue. That's about all I will say about it. I still go from pouty to angry, but learning not to bring it to school or home.

So it has been three weeks and I have survived and made a little niche for myself. I am still struggling with planning and all the requirements (feels like more than any other place) for this position.  But I am trying to get it all done so my weekends (at least) are free to spend with LT and my dad.

Yep, I am still driving up to see my dad. It isn't every weekend and there is no set schedule when I go up, but it does take a toll and play a factor in my time and life. I won't stop going up, but will be more focused on my time split between the two important men in my life.

That leaves you, my friends. I am trying to carve out time to get back into communicating with you! I have missed you! So this is my vow to you to meet up with you at least twice a week, hopefully more! I think once things start to even out, we will be back in business just chatting away. Until then, be patient with me. I am taking baby steps into getting my crap together! LOL

See ya soon...I actually have a couple of posts int he works!


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