Why Does It Have to Be So Hard

I received the call this morning that my Aunt Mary has passed away. She was daddy's last living relative.

Aunt Mary had Alzheimer's and began a quick downhill decline. The scary part was it mirrored my mom's disease.

Mama and Aunt Mary were diagnosed around the same time. Both were moved out of their homes into one of their children's homes the same month. They both were in the hospital from a complication of their disease. 3 months after Mama passed, Aunt Mary passed.

It reminds me of this Virgin Mary statue my dad's sister had. When she died of bone cancer, my grandmother, dad's mom, took back the statue. Grandma later died of rare ovarian cancer. We were a little leery of this statue, but my dad's brother took it. He later died of cancer. The statue was later put on his headstone so no one got it.

I am still raw or maybe hidden about mama's death. I know she has died, but has not really hit me. Now  my aunt has passed. I have no idea how my dad is doing through all of this. It has to be especially hard on him. Now he is the last one left. He thought, due to his family history, he would not make it past 65 let alone make it to 81.

How can I help my father through all of this?

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