Texas Heat Humor

100 degrees. Isn't that the starting temperature of the oven? I guess summer is full swing in Texas! 

I was chatting this morning with Terri at Your Friend From Florida about the weather and how hot it is getting everywhere. Of course one thing led to another and I started searching Pinterest about Texas heat. I could tell you how hot it is or I can just share some pictures I found that shows it much better than me saying it! 

Texas Weather 101. Learned it rather quickly

I say this daily during the summer! 
This is especially funny because I am from Kansas
and now live in Texas! 
Admit it…who was done this?

 I have been traumatized from this during my childhood!

Sad to say but I am totally feeling this way and that is scary!!

There are days I feel like this!

Heaven, pure Heaven!
I hope your summers are nothing like ours! If it is, do like I do and find the humor in it then get your booty in front of a fan and cool the heck down! 

How are you dealing with the heat?


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