First Time for Anything

I experienced my very first Heavy Metal concert! LT took me to a Judas Priest concert. Now I have been to rock concerts and I did go to the Uproar concert and that was amazeballs (yes I went there!), but we are talking true metal.

Judas Priest has been rocking out for 40 years and are considered Metal Gods (also a name of one of their songs!) I am not going to relive the concert and songs, although they did an amazing job entertaining the crowd! LT and I were head-banging, rocking out with the best of them. Maybe that is why I have a headache today! LOL

What I do want to talk about is the crowd! I have been to different concerts with different genres, but one thing is for sure on any of them…you will be in people watch heaven! Oh my goodness my antenna was all aquiver from the sights around me. Now I am not bashing anyone or making fun of anyone, well there was that one girl but she totally deserved it!. All I am saying is when I left the concert my self esteem was flying high and I felt pretty good about myself! LOL

Because of the band, the majority of people were around my age or older. There were some that were younger (middle school age) that were rocking out with their parents. How cool was that! I definitely never did that with my parents. Most wore T-shirts with their favorite heavy metal band or their new Judas Priest shirt. I had these two couples in front of me that looked like like stay at home rich wives. I had to do a double take because, like me, did not look the part of the heavy metal crowd. When the band came on, one of the women was rocking out harder than I was!

From my experience I have concluded the following:

1. Never judge a book by it's cover. You never know what is inside. It could be a heavy metal lover wearing those pearls. You may be one and not know it! Judas Priest songs include: Living After Midnight, Turbo Lover, Breaking the Law, and You've Got Another Thing Coming.

2. If you need to feel better about yourself, go to a crowded area. There will always be one or two that makes you feel better. But don't worry about getting all smug and ego-driven. You will be somebody else's feel better!

3. Don't worry about appearances. Nobody cares what you are wearing and really, who are you dressing up for? Just be comfortable because you will be standing for over 2 hours. Might as well feel good about it!

4. Protect your hearing! Who cares if people are staring at you when you are putting in your Earaser ear plugs. You will feel better afterwards with no ringing ears, yet you will hear the concert perfectly! Because we go to so many concerts, we went with more profession ear protection than what you get at Wal-Mart.

5. Embrace the moment. You will only get it once so make the most of it. Take in everything from sights and sounds to smell. Yes, even that pot smell. When you engage and use your senses, your memory has a better chance to remember it and recall it. Involve ALL of your senses!

Don't be scared and try new things. Life is about experiences. Get out and try things and make the most out of life.


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