Cheezy Movies for 500, Alex

I probably would rock this category on Jeopardy. Of course that may be the ONLY category I could do LOL!

I have watched my share of cheezy movies, but I think Sharknado 3 has set the bar. I mean, where else could a woman give birth to a baby inside a shark while it fell from space…and both mom and baby survive!!
The other part was equally as funny. The guy tried to get to the switch on top of the RV to blow it up, thus taking out the sharknado (tornado with sharks in it). On his way, fighting off raining sharks, he is bitten first on the leg, and it is completely gone. He continues and just as he opens the RV door, has his arm severed by a flying shark. So he is down to one arm and one leg. While on the roof pulling himself along, his other leg bites it…or is bit off by another shark only to finally have his last and only limb wasted away. So what is a hero to do? Use his head!! Yep, he used his nose to push the button and blam-o! Bye bye sharknado! Don't worry, there were more there to take its place…hence the need to go into outer space with none other than…David Hasselhoff. Talk about jumping the shark! LOL

There were other scenes and a bad ass Rambo scene with Mark Cuban as the president. Really it was so so cheezy that I had to sit there and watch the whole thing! I loved when the sharks rained down on Orlando Studio and sharks were "riding" the roller coasters! LOL How can you look away I ask you!

So this is one of my secret  flag flying freaky love…stupid cheezy shark movies. We all have something like this. So I want you to own it. Wave that flag! What is your cheezy movie, have to watch.

Don't leave a sista hangin' now! Share with me…I won't make fun of you…hello pot? I'm kettle! LOL

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