Wild Weekend Part 2: Rain, Rockslides and Flooding….Oh My!

Thank you Mother Nature for yet another round of deluging rain. The Red River (borders Texas and Oklahoma) was flooded over the weekend. The water was up to the bridge. Thankfully it never crossed over nor did it close I35! Yay! 

With all the rain, water under bridges have been an obstacle, not just the Red River. There were many other bridges I had to cross with water rushing right underneath. Luckily we didn't get any more rain or we would have had water over the bridges! Oklahoma has been getting their fair share, that is for sure!

However, Mother Nature was not done with her handy work. Between Ardmore and Davis in Oklahoma, there was a rock slide that shut down I35 northbound. Knowing this, I took a detour and found some nature's finest that I want to explore in Chickasaw national Recreation Center. I heard some waterfalls so that means I need to explore it! 

Baby Niagara Falls
Coming home I35 southbound, I knew it was opened, I just didn't know it was only one lane. We got backed up for at least an hour, but great news…I got to see the rock slide! What do you do when you are stuck on the interstate? Take pictures of course!

Look at the line of cars behind me!
There are just as many in front of me too.
Rock slide! They cleared the debris in
the road. You can see trees on
the ground from the slide.
Another shot of the rock slide
You can see the big crack a little to
the right of center. That is the issue.
They think that huge chunk
a chunk a could still
come down.
See that humongous crack? It goes
almost to the ground! Should
they shore it up or blast it?
There is a huge crack, or fissure, on the side and those in the know are trying to decide what to do with it. Either way, I35N is still closed and it is still a one way either direction. I am going to know the countryside of Oklahoma before it is all over!

Remember to stay safe my friends and enjoy the countryside you see. When you get off the beaten path, a whole new world opens up to you!


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