Wild Weekend Part 1!

As you know, I travel to Oklahoma City area to be with my dad. I just love hanging out with him. He and I share the same sense of humor and we are always laughing. Since mama has passed, there has not been much laughter in his life. I am hoping to change that.

Anyway, daddy had to have a heart catheter to check out any blockage in his heart. He finally agreed to go on Friday when all of his girls would be able to be there. He did awesome!! The doctor did find one little blockage and decided to put in a stint. So daddy only need one stint! He did need to stay overnight in the hospital because they gave him meds to thin the blood and prevent clotting. I appreciate the attention they gave him.

The cool thing was the compression used after the surgery. The doctor went through daddy's wrist to check out his heart and to insert the stint. Usually there is a nurse that will hold a compress on the wound for 30 mins or so after the surgery. Now, they use a compression box (that is my name for it). There is a clear plastic box that was over daddy's wound with a wrap around the wrist to hold it in place. In the box, was air pressing on the wound so a nurse did not have to stand and hold it. The nurse would come in and slowly take some air out using a syringe until all the air is out (not sure how long it took).

This wasn't daddy's. I actually did not take a picture
of it (and am kicking my patootie ever since)
Daddy had these compression socks that were hooked up to a mating to pump air into the socks. When we unhooked him to walk, he had this tubes trailing behind him. It made me thing of the Raptor dinosaur. We had a good laugh! He stayed overnight and got out the next day.

"The Raptor"
Father's Day was just time spent with family and a home cooked meal. It is exactly what daddy loves to do.

Stay tune to tomorrow when I talk about getting to and from OKC due to some rain, flooding and rock slides! Fun times and wild rides and never a dull moment!


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