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Caitlyn Jenner on Vanity Fair Magazine

Vanity Fair

Ok, so here are my thoughts on the first transgender on the cover of Vanity Fair.

Is it really being brave to pose on the cover of Vanity Fair? Everyone is spouting how brave it was for Caitlyn to come out and pose. Have we not been seeing the transformation as it was happening in the media? How brave is it when she will have her OWN docu-series on EW called "I Am Cait"?

When I think of bravery I think of soldiers, police and firefighters, those how have survived beatings and kidnappings. Yes, it could be said that Cait posing is brave, to put herself out there for criticism but that is what everyone does everyday. What I think might be considered brave is Vanity Fair putting the first transgender on the cover of their magazine. That could be revolutionary and game changing.

But how about this…when are we going to see and embrace the plus size female model? I guess it is ok in society to be a former man changed to a woman but it is still not ok to be overweight or anywhere close to the "ideal" woman. It hags me off that society will embrace transgender (there is nothing wrong with it) but it will not embrace overweight women. Just another way media and society are scarring women and our youth. Media is saying as long as you are beautiful and the ideal body proportion, you are acceptable in society.

I don't think ANYONE should be judge on their body (trust me I do enough judging of my own body I don't need the media or anyone else taking shots at me and helping me have lower self esteem issues).

I could really care less about Caitlyn Jenner, her magazine cover or even her life before of after Caitlyn. I don't care if she is a man, woman, or wants to dress act like a kitty cat. That is her life. I just hate how the media shapes our society and let's us know what is acceptable and what isn't.

I am also sad for Bruce Jenner. He made some amazing triumphs throughout his life, was an Olympian and was iconic. He will be lost of those achievements. Caitlyn can not be credited to those accomplishments as they are not hers. Now she will be judged by her appearance not her accomplishments.

Kinda funny in a way. It is like what goes around comes around. She put her self on the cover of a magazine to come out to the world as a new woman, yet it will be the media who will tear her apart. Who knows. Maybe Caitlyn will be the woman to change woman's image in the media.


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