Mother Nature is At It Again!

Hello Tropical Storm Bill (does that sour weird or is it me?). Texas would like you to move along to another state. Alas, you will do what you will and you have decided to see what Dallas, Texas is like in June, huh?

Well, Texas welcomes you but we ask that you do not litter in our state, nor leave the forecasted amount of rain. We have had our share, thank you very much.

Texas is just starting to dry out and our lakes and rivers are finally going down…slowly, but going down. Now that we are forecasted for more rain, what will happen to Texas? Will we float away?

As you can see, the projected path of TS Bill. They say the right hand side of the storm is the worst and will have the most rain. So, yup, Dallas is in for a possible gully washer! The weather peeps are talking about 3-4 inches of rain, flash flooding and possible isolated tornados. We are batten down the hatches where I live and getting prepared for rain…not flooding or evacuation... just rain.

I leave you with these thoughts of our imminent deluge…

…two weeks after getting multiple feet of rain, my back yard has cracks in the ground. WTH?
…I love to tell people "Turn around, don't drown!" It just rolls off my tongue!
…I won't be able to go to my favorite Mexican restaurant because the road will be flooded.
…There will be idiots out there not doing what is asked and will eventually end up in danger (putting my man and other first responders in danger) and will then be on the news. LT would call them "hickory nuts"
…please don't go out in bad weather. It is not worth the stress and possible consequence. Stay home, stay alive. (Hey that is a new saying!)
…Little Man better stay inside. I hate the smell of stinky dog!

Wish us luck in Texas and pray that LT doesn't get overtime and can come home!


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