Bye Bye Birdies

Today is the first day of the last week of school.

I never thought it would get here and now I am sad that it has. Anyone else feel that way? I have had my little chickadees for a year. A year of getting to know them, their habits, their hobbies, their idiosyncrasies. And now I have to let go and let my little birdies fly.

I'll be honest, starting this school year I wasn't happy to be changing what I was doing. You know me, I like my box and I don't like change. But after I was in it, I got into it! There was a little more leeway for teaching but it was even stricter because of the goals that must be accomplished by each student.

This group of kids were fantastic! I think it had to be an anomaly. I mean, they all got along, hardly any drama and most were here everyday! That is saying something. The kiddos I taught were behind in their credits and now they are leaving on track to graduate next year! This may have been the most work any of them have done or even cared about doing!

I may not have children, but every student (whether good or bad) are like my students. It is sad to see them leave. It feels like I am kicking them out of the nest to be able to fly on their own, never to return. How do mama birds do it?

I have the rest of this week to bank as many memories as I can with them. June 5 is coming WAY to fast!



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