What a Wake Up!

This morning as I am getting ready for work, I scroll through my Facebook. I guess I think I missed something from the night before and need to catch up. Anyway, I noticed some postings about a prison inmate who was taken to the hospital had jumped off the 3rd floor and escaped!

Now mind you, my house is about a block or two from this hospital. Did this bother me? Yes and no. I was concerned about said inmate because it WAS so close to home, but felt he would not come my way. He would rather head to the interstate which is away from me (which he did).

As I left for work, I made sure the doors were locked before leaving garage including my car locks. Here is what went though my mind: If I started the car when the door was down, I would get asphyxiated so I didn't want to start the car until the door was up but if the door was up then the guy could get in the garage and then the house before I started the car! Yeah, I went there like a hysterical little girl. But I made it out and to work just fine.

Of course, you know me, have to know what is shaken. So I opened my trusty scanner app and listened to the whole search and take down.

Needless to say, this young gentleman prisoner will have extra sentencing added on to his already nasty business. And I found out it is really nasty. Don't ask. I have my ways!

So the sun is shining and all is well in the world now that he is back in custody, but what a way to wake up in the morning! Sure does get the blood pumping!

So how did you wake up this morning? Have you ever had anything like this happen at any time in your life?


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