OCD Anyone?

So I have this kiddo that is OCD. I was watching him this morning separate out his M&Ms. It was just cracking me up that he had to put them in colored piles. The next time he had them in colored columns!  He then proceeded to eat each pile before moving to the next one.

Now I am a little OCD on things, but I don't separate my M&Ms. I just want to eat them all up and not wait! But it would bother me to no end if there were colored piles and there was a different color in one of the piles. I would have to fix it.

It takes all kinds to make the world go round. It is awesome and amazing God has made us all individual and unique. All I can say is enjoy the ride!

LT is not really OCD. He just puts stuff away willy-nilly. To me everything has a place and it needs to go there, if not…it is lost to me. We have it worked out that he will load/unload the dishwasher and not say anything if I rearrange it and he leaves the stuff he knows will freak me out on the counter so I can deal with it. 

My question to you is…are you OCD? Or live with someone who is? How is that working out for ya?


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