Mother's Day Gift from Gavin (The Westie)

Gavin just had to participate in Mother's Day with not just one but TWO gifts! Awww….NOT!

Little man threw up twice: Once in bed while napping with dad and the other in the living room after a round of cocktails (water). He could never hold his liquid.

He did really well in the nasty weather we had and only ran in the water puddle twice (once going and the other coming back) and didn't stay out long and smell like wet dog. Plus he was a snuggler all night and in the morning.

Of course he woke up a hot mess, but what else can I do but forget the gifts and just love on him!

You'd be a hot mess too if you
 just woke up and mom has
a camera in your face
Hope you had a great Fur Mom's Day!


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