I'm Still Sick, Now What?

When we had Mama's funeral I was battling what I thought allergies, and was proactive so it wouldn't turn into sinus infection. I was so proactive, that it turned into bronchitis instead!

Two weeks later, two rounds of antibiotics, and all the other crap you need when you are congested, I am back at the doctor with round 2 of bronchitis. Thankfully it did not turn into pneumonia. 

So back on antibiotics and all that other crap. Plus I am now getting asthma like breathing. I am tired all the time, very lethargic. Can't cough anything up (yeah that was a pretty visual huh?), and I am done with doctors and prescriptions!

I am just fed up with the whole treat the symptoms and see if that works. I don't want a guess I want to feel better!  I can go on and on about the whole health care system, my money, and how it is just a revolving door of sickness. But I am not. Instead, I will arm myself with my trusty laptop and  diagnosed myself! It is a toss up between Adrenal Fatigue or Chikungunya Virus. Well, maybe not Chikungunya virus, but close. (I just love saying that word!)

Wouldn't it be cool if we could figure out what is wrong with us or even have the option to say "I will take the sniffles for my sickness." The world would LOVE that! But we can not do it and we are only as advanced as we are. So I will be sucking on my inhaler, popping my antibiotics (2 days left!) and Mucinex with the hope of relief before summer hits. 

If you need me, I will be in bed taking it easy…because I am awesome like that!


Wait…it's awards night..no awesomeness for me. I will be awesome tomorrow. LOL


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