I Survived the Weekend!

Well, my whirlwind weekend is over and I have survived!

Meet some new people and got to hear more stories about LT when he was younger. I already knew many stories, so I wasn't surprised or shocked, thankfully!

Got to see my sis walk the stage and get "hooded". She is now Dr. Sister, but I told her I was not calling her Dr. Daddy got to see her graduate, but it was bittersweet Mama could not be here. We were all feeling a little sad.

Debra wrote a heartfelt "thank you" to everyone who was in the journey with her. You can see where "We Got This" comes from and what it means.

Since you were unable to be there with me, here are some pictures of the concert. I only got a couple on Friday and none on Saturday. The crowd was uncooperative…they kept standing up in my way!

Speaking of crowds…I can spot them out of thousands of people! What makes it better is I get pictures! Now, I am all for individuality and enjoying life. Heck, I am kinda a center of attention person myself (to LT's utter dismay), but then there are those who go over board. I think they love the attention, otherwise why would they do it?

She was just as delicious from the front as the back! 
Yep, that is an ankle monitor. She is
loud and proud with it! My friend said
even bitches have to rock! LOL
Pat Benatar and Spyder rockin'!!
My favorite photo! This was done with my
Samsung Note 4! 
The Smithereens!! On a side note, a friend LT
grew up with was The Smithereen's
roady! How cool!
So that was basically my weekend. On a side note, out of 7 days, I made my step goal with my FitBit Charge. Heck I even made OVER 11,000 steps on one day! 

How was your weekend? Was it jam packed or did you get to relax and enjoy?


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