Hodgepodge and a Little Weekend Update

1.  Did you do anything 'memorable' this past weekend?

I took my dad to our all-school reunion. He and all three of his daughters graduated from the same high school. Every 5 years there has been an all school reunion. You have to understand. The town is around 800 people and my graduating class alone only had 18 (classes ranged from 18-30 people). 

2. Ronald Reagan is quoted as saying-

"Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same."  

Your thoughts? Do you somehow acknowledge and appreciate the freedoms you enjoy? Did your upbringing contribute to that sense of appreciation? If you're a parent, are there specific things you do to pass on this sense of responsibility and appreciation to your own children in regard to the freedoms they enjoy?

The thing that affected me the most this weekend about freedom was a reunion (of sorts) of all living VFWs from my home town. There were close to 20 men and woman representing wars from Korean to the Gulf War. Watching my dad stand there saluting the flag as The Star Spangled Banner was sung was very emotional for me. It made it more real than any story he has told about his time in the service. If it was not for him and all the others, living and dead, we would not enjoy the freedoms we have today. And this new generation wouldn't know what entitlement is…hmmmm…need to think on that one!

My dad is the one on the right in the tan coat.
The bottom photo are those who served.
Bottom right photo is a little swing dancing!
3. Loudest noise you've ever heard?

The most recent is the clap of thunder throughout the whole night. Reminds me of storms in Kansas. But the loudest would have to be when the Space Shuttle Columbia exploded over Texas back in 2003. You would have thought it happened outside the house. NASA was about 200 miles south of where I lived doing recovery. It scared both me and Gavin, my furbabe. Then to find out what it was, it really made me realize the enormity of the event.

4. What was the last thing you ate that might be considered 'junk food'? Did you enjoy it?

Hate to say it, but yesterday we went to Group Dynamix with our students and ate at Ci Ci's Pizza after. You know where I am going…those dessert cinnamon roll thingies are THE DEVIL! Yes it is junk food oozing with butter and cinnamon but I just couldn't help myself! I went for seconds! You decide if I enjoying it or not…LOL!

5. When was the last time you were somewhere the crowd felt 'packed in like sardines'?

I am sure there are many places as I hate to have the feeling. To narrow it down, I would say in an elevator, either the Sears Tower or at the Dallas 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb which held me and 6 firefighter with full bunker gear including their SCUBA. Thankfully I know how much I don't like those scenarios and stay to the front by the doors. Made it out without freaking out both times!

6. Are you organized when it comes to packing for a trip? Do you make a list weeks in advance or toss items in last minute? Are you a carry-on only sort of packer or do you need an entire suitcase for your shoes?

Very organized. LT and I both make our own lists on what to bring and share with the other. Plus we will say…"did you remember…" as we are packing. Even though I do organize and list make, I still have throw on, last minute stuff. I will be honest, I overpack each time! Better safe than sorry, huh? My dad always said he would rather drive than fly that way he can take as many shoes as he wants and isn't limited. I like the concept but don't like the time it takes to drive vs flying.

7. What was the last sporting event you attended in person? Did your team win? Did you care?

Wow. We are not really big sports people. I do plan on going to my great niece's t-ball game sometime but that is about it. I guess I have been to a STARS Hockey game and they won. I always did enjoy hockey, mostly when the fights break out. I used to LOVE going to AFL Football. But that kinda went away and I am good now.

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

Enjoyed seeing my classmates, but really, the ones I want to keep in contact with I do. Funny, I found myself traveling back to my time in high school and having those same feelings towards certain people. Which is also funny because those who I thought didn't like me (or whatever) would come up like I am their long lost friend and hug me. Please…. let's not pretend and be fake. Yes, time has elapsed but there has been no communication (thankfully) so what makes you think we are friendly? Just smile and walk on by would work for me. Am I a terrible person? Oh well…it's over.


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