Z is for The End

I know The End doesn't start with the letter Z. But what else do you think about when you think of "Z"? I think….the end, the Omega, and zebras.

I didn't think I had it in me to do this challenge. Blog everyday but Sunday was a huge challenge. I have been struggling with what to write, so most days nothing got written. This challenge made me break (hopefully) that cycle. Even when my Mama was in the hospital and later passed away, I still did the challenge…except for the letter "Q".

So when people ask me "How did you do it?" I will reply with my standard line.

Funny story about this quote: My sister D and her husband went out to eat. I was not there, but a friend of mine was. My friend texted me and told me were D was, what she was wearing and doing, etc. So I in turn would text D and say things like "I like that black shirt you are wearing" or make comment on her hair or shoes or food. Oh…my friend even sent me pictures of my sister!

My sister was totally freaking out and kept asking me "How do you know this stuff!"My reply was "It is not for you to question. Just except and embrace." My sister later told me she walked all over that restaurant looking for me and never did find me. I finally 'fessed up, but it was so much fun!

To this day, I still say this to anyone that questions me. You know, they really don't have much of a comeback with it!

Hope your month of April was enjoyable and you got a kick out of my posts. Hoping to keep the momentum going! I will leave you with this picture of a zebra made out of legos I saw at one of the zillion zoos LT go visit. Hey, have to do something that has a "Z" in it!


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