Westies Start with W Too!

Hey, y'all! It's Gavin here! Let's raise the roof with our paws!

Mom doesn't know I am on here so let's have fun!

Mom told me all about the A to Z Challenge and I knew FOR SURE she would talk about me on the "W" since she didn't do it on the "G". Well, today is W and no Westies. I am heartbroken. Even after I loved on her all morning and washer her face and everything!

So let's talk about me! I love to run and run and run. My hips hurt so I don't run as much as I used to do. But mom gives me this awesome medicine (chewy and tastes good!) and I can go on walks again! I can't jump on the bed, but mom and dad lifts me up and down so I own them!

 I always wait for mom when she goes out and works in the front yard. I seem to have a habit of wandering off. Mom says I "Jet Blue outta there" when any door is open.

I love to rub my belly on the ground! It feels so good especially after a bath…you should try it! And when you get done, keep you legs laying out behind you….HEAVEN!

After you rub all around, stretch out in the sunshine. It is toasty and makes my old joints less achy!

Backscratches are the best! Dad does a great job with his feet. I prefer when he has his tennis shoes on but, honestly, I will take anything!

I help mom and dad with the yard work and I am the neighborhood announcer letting everyone know what is going on in the neighborhood! I bark at the thunder but don't like getting wet in the rain, but I will run through the sprinkler and eat the water. Mom says I am a Diva Whack Job whatever that means!

Oops….here comes Mom. I am outta here! Love to you all and paws to the wall! Until I can steal mom's computer again….!


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