W is for Writing Letters

The lost art of communication in my eyes.

As I was writing thank you notes from Mama's memorial, I got to thinking how we as a society no longer sit down and write an handwritten letter or note. It seems we have moved away from being personal to being technical.

Mama was the type of woman who would sit down and write a letter to her sisters or her best friend who lived 2 hours away. She would do this almost weekly. Yes, she talked on the phone with them, but there was just something about putting pen to paper that closed a gap that an email or text message creates.

I think it has to do with the fact you sat down and took the time to write it out. That is personal. What is so personal about: BRB, LOL, TTYL, TY, WRUD? Nothing!

I received a condolence card from my high school students last week. Yes, a genuine, store bought card-not homemade. That told me they took some time to purchase this. Then EACH student wrote a little something and signed it. They didn't just sign their name. They took the time to write something heartfelt, even if it was "I am sorry". This meant more to me than anything else that has been said. Knowing they took the time to do this and write in my card moved me and touched my heart. This is what hand writing a letter does to people…it touches their heart.

My Mama jotted a little note to LT thanking him for a coffee maker and such. He was moved that she took the time to write it out and he put the note on the refrigerator to always see it. It touched his heart. That was the first thing he looked at when Mama passed away and wanted to preserve it.

Think of love notes and letters from that someone special. Those notes of appreciation that made you feel 10 feet tall. Those memories written down you can look at over and over again to relive.

That is what hand writing is about…touching hearts.

I challenge you to hand write a letter or even a note to someone. Not only will you touch their heart, your heart will be touched too. It is personal. They can keep it. It becomes a memory, memento.


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