S is for Soda Free, Baby!

Yep, you heard correctly! I have been soda free since December 2014. It was a monkey on my back.

I love the burn of a regular coca cola. I am even freaky enough to like my pop hot, with no ice, no refridgeration! Yes, I said "pop". You see, I am from Kansas and we called our soda drinks "pop". Then I moved to Georgia for 3 years and started to refer to it is "soda". It doesn't matter what it is called, I am free of my monkey!

I just quit cold turkey one day. I can't tell you how or why, it just happened. I tried to start in September with my students. We all came up with a bad habit we wanted to break ourselves of doing. We even tacked it on the wall as a constant reminder. Then we would revisit and see how we were doing. My kiddos were awesome keeping me accountable. They would also tempt me to get a soda, which I usually did….to their enjoyment I am sure.

Then in December I just went cold turkey. It was like a wave came over me and I didn't crave them anymore. I know it was all the Lord's doing because I do not have that strong of a will power.
My students were shocked I have stopped and stayed off! They are constantly trying to get me to drink a soda.

Instead, I drink water. I have to be honest, I get very bored with it and will use Crystal Light Mango Peach Tea to give me a different taste. Sometimes I will drink un-sweet tea. But my favorite is Splenda sweet tea. It gives me a hint of sweetness.

On the occasions a soda craving comes a knockin', I reach for Zevia cola. You can get it at Tom Thumb or any health food store. I like the cola and the caffine-free cola. I really haven't tried the other flavors. What makes this cola special is it is made from Stevia, the better sugar alternative. I don't go crazy with it, but a 6 pack lasts me a couple of weeks or more. Just need a little something different and it makes me think I am being bad!


Have you ever tried it? Let me know what you think!


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