O is for Oils, Essential Oils

Holy Shitake they work!!

***** Let me start by saying I am not a seller of Young Living Oils or any essential oils. I am not out to sell anything to you. Honestly I am not happy with people that bombard me and basically shove things down my throat. I WILL NOT be doing that to you. I just found something that worked for me and I want to share.  Hopefully you can share back with me!********

I take herbal medicine (when I remember) and believe in vitamins and minerals, but I have not really jumped on the essential oils bandwagon yet. I have tried Thieve's Oil which is great at detoxing the house of bacteria and germs. I diffuse this almost nightly.

I also do a little Peace and Calming on the soles of my feet with a couple of squirts of Magnesium Oil to help me sleep at night. But that is about it. My sisters have whole-heartedly jumped on the wagon. That is why I use Living Oil as opposed to others. Maybe that is why I am dragging my feet too.

Last night, I had restless leg syndrome so bad! It was the worst EVER! To let you know how bad it was, I felt like my right foot was trying to stop a run away car going down hill by pumping brakes that had no brake oil. It was pure misery for two hours!

Not to worry…I got this! I used my trusty cell phone and looked up Young Living essential oils and restless leg. I found this site and tried it out. I put two drops of Peace and Calming on the soles of my feet. I also did two drops of Lavender on each thigh and a drop on each calf. I went to bed and NEVER HAD A TWITCH! I was cured!!


Another story: My sister D had a terrible tooth ache from her mouth up to her eye socket for days. She rubbed Theive's Oil on her gums and teeth of the affected area and after 3 days, the pain was completely gone and has not returned.

WOW! What success stories, huh! So with what I have experienced and said, I will be definitely using more essential oils. I even want to have LT try it when he gets cramps in his legs and hands from fighting fires. And my dad has restless leg syndrome and cramps at night. He might benefit from this as well!

Do you use oils? What are your favorites and what are the purposes of use? I am really am wanting to get more knowledgable about it and you are my teachers!!


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