N is for Name

Did you every want to change your name? I did. When I looked up what my name meant, I am like "from the Laurel Tree"…wth? That doesn't mean anything to me. Also, I felt it wasn't as feminine as I would have liked either. There were not many "Laura's" I ran into so I took a negative connotation to my name. I got to investigating a little bit more about my name and found this:

Laurel leaves were used to crown the victors of the Olympic games and Roman emperors and has come to symbolize victory and honor. So does this mean I have to be the winner? Or I celebrate those on who have won?

I think you can take any connotation. For me, both would work! I do crave power and feel my way is the right way (thank you for that gene dad. Oh and my other two sisters have it as well!). On the other hand, I am a great cheerleader for my students, LT, friends and family.

 Knowing myself, and being strictly honest, I think I will have to take the meaning of my name as I want to be the winner, winner, chicken dinner. I do crave the notoriety, the congratulations, the "look at me" a winner is awarded. I would cheer you on and support and celebrate your victory, but if it was a contest between you and I, I would like to think I would be a gracious winner in public. I do not mean to sound conceited because that is the last thing I feel. Nor do I feel confident I WOULD even win!

As I have aged I have found it is pretty awesome to have an uncommon name. It is not every day you hear "Laura" being called. It stands out and you don't think…oh there's another one I can ignore it. It is more like, hey what does a Laura look like? I have also embraced it as feminine. It is how you look at it and respond to it that makes it yours.

The other name I want to touch on is my West Highland Terrier, Gavin. Before he came home with me I searched Scottish baby name book at a local Barnes and Noble. "Gavin" means "very white". It hit me that is what my baby will be...a White Westie! Little did I know he would be all boy and loves to get dirty, muddy, stinky and if he can pull it off he will rub against the fence and get the stain on his fur as well. I should have went with something "doggish" like Champ, or Scooter, or Chief. Oh, well. He is a Gavin because he is more than a dog or pet, he is my fur baby and I wanted him to have a real name. I am weird, but this is me being honest.

What does your name mean? Does it fit who you are?


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