M is for Minions!

Hello, my name is Laura and I am a Minion-a-holic! I am out of control for minions!!

I love to watch Despicable Me and Despicable Me 2. I watch video clips on YouTube. Heck I even have them at school where I WORK!

Students and I decorated my school door
 as a Minion for
Red Ribbon Week.
 It is now hanging on the wall.
Check out the minions that
students gave me
this year!
I even have Minions at home! This little guy talks, makes sounds and is movable! Yay!

Everyone needs a superhero. I love Wonder Woman (and feel like I am a Wonder Woman many days). What better way to feel than combine the two! 

Heck, even Gavin is in on it. He loves to lay on my Minion blanket. Yes, I even have a blanket with Minions. I will not confess to having or not having Minion sheets. I will let you make your own decisions! LOL

You would think I have it bad, but you should see LT's collection of fire firefighter paraphernalia!

Do you still have any stuffed animals or anything "childish" you still have hanging around? Anything that brings you joy? Share with me!!


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