I is for "It's OK"

I have found myself repeating these words today. And you know what. ..it's ok!

We go through life and encounter good things and bad , obstacles and revelations, triumphs and defeats, yet through it all we survive  and thrive.

We are flexible and can bend with the times. I like the analogy we are like strong oak trees. We bend in the  storm but do not break.  We get some dings and small limbs take a hit but are still standing  and living.

Today was my oak day as will be the rest of the week.  I will have LT and family standing together supporting each other. 

It's ok to be emotional. It's  ok to grieve and laugh. It's ok to keep living. It's ok my mama is no longer in pain and can finally see and hear and be happy.  It's ok,  mama you went Home.

You went from love, to love. We are gonna be ok.


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