G is for Gratitude

Today's letter could swing any direction…Gavin (my dog), Goals, Grandma, Got This (my blog), Grumpy Cat-isms or even Government (yeah I would never go there!)

So as I am showering this mooring (TMI?) I had this whole post figured out! I was nailing it! Then I got ready for my day and lost it! I hope to recreate it so here it goes…

G is for Gratitude

I could cover many posts with this topic. Heck, I did the whole month of November 2013 with my own personal monthly challenge. Two years have gone by so what am I grateful for now (and in no particular order)??

1. As always LT. He is my rock, my polar opposite who keeps me level. He brings adventure to my life. He makes me laugh (even when I am mad at him!). He is accepting of me (except my driving). He shows he cares even when he is "telling" me how to drive. I know he is trying to keep me and my car safe. It is my issue on how I receive it. Don't tell him, but I am grateful he cares enough to "tell" me how to drive.

2. Momma's cancer. This is a tough one. How can someone be grateful for cancer, a cancer that is killing your mother? Well, I am grateful. Momma has macular degeneration and has almost lost all of her eye sight. She still has peripheral vision. She can't enjoy TV or seeing her great-grandkids or pretty flowers. She is also losing her hearing even though she has two hearing aids. They no longer work for her. She not only can't see the TV but can't hear it either. She has scoliosis of the spine that brings her pain. So maybe cancer is an easier, less painful way to live. I don't know.

3. My dog Gavin (see how still got him in as a "G" post? LOL). He is turning 13 this year. He is an old man and needs arthritic meds. He has been by my side for a long time, comforting me, making me laughing and giving me unconditional love that you only can get from an animal. My heart hurts knowing we have limited time. Gavin has accepted and even embraced having LT in his life. Those boys sure do love each other and make me laugh!!

4. God. He has given us so much. Yes there is pain in this world. I am living it now with Momma, but He has given us so much beauty too. Every time I am out in nature I see the awesomeness of His powers and am humbled my place in it.

5. Nature. It restores me, revives me, replenishes my soul. I need nature and trees like I need air to breath. There is just something hopeful and new about it.

6. Music. Lord a mercy this is also life's blood to me. I can not go a day, hour without music. I am eclectic in my taste, but do not have a great acceptance of rap. Music can get me pumped up, calm me down, get me in the mood. I am blessed LT has an passion for music too. We are ready for concerts!! It also helps that LT plays the bass. I love when he gives me a rock concert. He even let me play his bass! He taught me a song. I can't believe he let me touch his precious! I think the man loves me…lol

7. A to Z Challenge. It has brought me back to my blog. I have been missing it but had lost some of the passion and motivation for it. It was a chore. I didn't have the time. This challenge has helped me be more creative and even excited about writing. I am following new blogs and wanting to network more with people. I know we are at the beginning, but I am hoping it is a jumping off point for me and "We Really Got This".


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