E is for Engagement

Unofficially, I have been engaged to LT since August 2013. This year will be year 6 we have been together. Since this is not our first rodeo, we wanted to make sure we do not jump into something. We wanted something solid and lasting. Plus we are in our mid 40s. We are getting OLD!

Everyone is different and I understand. I am not saying your relationship is better or worse than mine because of how long you dated before you married. We are just more gun-shy than most.

Actually, we got engaged while on vacation in California hiking in the Redwood Forest. We both love nature and trees and these were the Mack Daddies of trees! We were hiking at Trees of Mystery. A quick side note…they were amazing, awe inspiring, God believing, wondrous trees. I felt like I had a religious experience standing in the middle of God's amazing handiwork.

To me, this was a magic and even romantic place. I thought to myself "This is where I want to get engaged. I wonder if LT will propose?" As the hiking was going on and on it seemed like a proposal wasn't going to happen.

We stopped in the middle of the trail, admiring the trees around us and it happened. We turned to each other and "Will you marry me" popped right out of my mouth! Yep, I proposed to HIM! He was surprised but said yes! Then he turned around and asked me to marry him. I freaked like a girl and said "Are you serious?!" He said unofficially because he did not have a ring for me. Momma didn't raise a fool. I said yes and we were unofficially engaged! Weird I know, but it worked for us! Can we believe we kept it quiet too, except my family knew!

We finally got the ring and was "officially" engaged November 2014.

Asscher cut 1 carat diamond with channel band.
A modern diamond with a vintage setting.
Just like us!
I could have easily given up at any time on us because things were not going my way and no proposal. Sometimes you have to step back and look at the big picture. I knew we would get engaged. I just had to remind myself it is not in my timeline, but God's. Well, a little of my timeline because I proposed but maybe that was the way it was supposed to happen.

 I learned patience and even self acceptance during my life with LT. My self esteem is better and I feel I have more confidence. Things don't always go your way or even when you want them to happen. Don't freak out. You can go to the closet and verbally throw up your feelings, but then take a deep breath and tell yourself…you got this! One day at a time because great and amazing things happen to those who wait (and I hate deferred gratification!)


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