Learning to Live

How does one LIVE? With one step at a time.

Word of the year is to help get your focus, expand your world, live outside your box. My word, LIVE, chose me on a drive home from visiting my parents. I have embraced it, made paintings with my word, thought about it, but have I started to LIVE?

I would argue I am not following my word. Most times I feel in limbo. It is hard to LIVE when you are working every day and traveling every weekend to see your folks. But living doesn't necessarily mean going out in the world and doing something. Sometimes you can do something right were you are (inside and on the couch at home or away) and LIVE.

My first step came from my friend Amber from Life the Way Amber Views It. She is getting back to her creative side by joining 30 Days of Lists. 30 Days of Lists is just what it sounds like. You will get a new prompt every day for 30 days challenging you to journal.

Intriguing, yes?

My goal is not only to get creative and do a better job on the blog (yeah, I know I suck at posting lately) but to also get to know myself better and how I am going to find out how to LIVE. I don't feel I am artistic creative, but I do love me some journals and pens and lists.

So what better way to start my journey to LIVE other than taking a baby step of focusing on life, expanding my world and living outside my box.

Keep your chin up and keep walking because you really do go this!


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