Grammy Night…They Wore What?

Honestly, I do not really watch the Grammy's or Oscars or any other award show. BUT I do look at the red carpet Best and Worst Dress the next day!

I am not a fashionista. Heck, I fell like I am luck my blacks match! But I know what I like and what I don't in fashion. I lean more towards a classic look maybe with a hint of edge. I know I am not knowledgable about the latest trends (I am usually a year late on jumping on a bandwagon), but sometimes it's not about being cutting edge it is about looking nice and appropriate.

It is a-ok if you do not agree with me. I am just stating my opinion. We all have them, like….belly buttons! (You thought I'd say something else didn't you?). I am not trying to sway anyone's mind nor bash/discredit the fashion industry. So here are my top 4 Best and Worst Dress of Grammy Night 2015. All photos come from

Classy Annie Lenox!
She wears the dress not the dress
wearing her.
Not a fan to T-Swift, but I do like her dress
It is classy but edgy. She pulled it
off well!

I don't know what it is about this dress,
the color, the slit, the off shoulder
but love, love, love it! You wore
it well, Zendaya

Anna Kendrick wows in this pant suit
Edgy and modern with a twist. Love
going outside the box.


Madonna, you are an amazing woman and
have found your fountain of youth, I just
wish you didn't dress it. Be iconic, not moronic

We have seen her in all styles and
manor of clothing, but this
is not a good look. Is it her stance?
She seems uncomfortable and the
dress doesn't seem to fit.

Is it me or are they the most unhappiest people
out there? I like Kim's shorter hair but
the gown swallows her. 

Nick Jonas, umm, no. Not a good look. I think
of PeeWee Herman and just feel the suit
doesn't fit. Not a fan of skinny
pants on men.


RHIANNA: At first glance I didn't care for it,
but after seeing it multiple times, it is growing on


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