Friday, February 20, 2015

Learning to Live

How does one LIVE? With one step at a time.

Word of the year is to help get your focus, expand your world, live outside your box. My word, LIVE, chose me on a drive home from visiting my parents. I have embraced it, made paintings with my word, thought about it, but have I started to LIVE?

I would argue I am not following my word. Most times I feel in limbo. It is hard to LIVE when you are working every day and traveling every weekend to see your folks. But living doesn't necessarily mean going out in the world and doing something. Sometimes you can do something right were you are (inside and on the couch at home or away) and LIVE.

My first step came from my friend Amber from Life the Way Amber Views It. She is getting back to her creative side by joining 30 Days of Lists. 30 Days of Lists is just what it sounds like. You will get a new prompt every day for 30 days challenging you to journal.

Intriguing, yes?

My goal is not only to get creative and do a better job on the blog (yeah, I know I suck at posting lately) but to also get to know myself better and how I am going to find out how to LIVE. I don't feel I am artistic creative, but I do love me some journals and pens and lists.

So what better way to start my journey to LIVE other than taking a baby step of focusing on life, expanding my world and living outside my box.

Keep your chin up and keep walking because you really do go this!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Fitbit: It's Motivating!

Recently I bought myself a Fitbit Charge. I was looking into different step tracking devices. I do not like the cheap pedometers that hook onto your waist band. It is too easy for me to cheat with those. Here are the 3 I looked into and what I thought were the pros and cons and why it would/would not work for me.

Jawbone Up
I was first thinking of getting one of these when they came out. Super thin and kinda fashionable. I really didn't like the way it twisted around your arm. I was afraid to would hook on something. Also I didn't like it did not have a display, but to stay sleek and slim I understand why it is not there. They do have great choice of colors and it is seems easy to charge.


The Fitbit Flex
It has a thinner band and has multiple choices of band colors which is great to coordinate with outfits. I like the thinner band, but you can not see any read out on the front panel. You would have to log in to see how many steps you have taken. Also to charge it, you have to remove the tracker from the band. This didn't sound user friendly and something I would probably lose. I felt the thinner band did not outweigh the functionality of the device, so I chose not to buy it.


The Fitbit Charge
This was the one I purchased. I struggled because it is a wider band and I had to get a large! Your options are large or small. I felt the small size might be too snug on my wrist. I love the display which I can see day and time, steps taken, floors climbed, miles walked, and calories burned. I can log into the app or website and enter the water I have consumed, the meals I have eaten and the current weight I hate am at that moment. Love Love Love the easiest way to charge it. You hook the cord to the back of the Fitbit and charge it to laptop, iPad or even cell phone (as long as it is compatible and my Galaxy 4 is!) It can also record your sleep habits (which I think the others do too) and tell me how many times I was restless and awake!

I can have an alarm attached to my Fitbit that will vibrate when the alarm goes off. No one hears it, but it does wake me up in the morning (I still snooze until my regular alarm goes off). Since it is hooked up to my phone through Bluetooth, it will vibrate when I have an incoming call and display who it is from by reading my address book!

For my money, the convince, and how user friendly it is, I went with the Fitbit Charge. All the stores and online were selling them at the same price so I just picked one up at my neighborhood Target.


I have found when I wear this I am more conscience of my exercise. I started out with 5000 steps a day because I didn't know what I do in the classroom. I have since upped it to 7000 steps a day. I do pretty good most days. Sometimes I have to take Gavin out for a walk around the block (my puppy's arthritis won't let him go far anymore). Sometimes I have to walk or dance around until I hit my magic number. I also have a colleague who has a Fitbit Charge and we encourage each other.

I recommend getting something to help motivate you get up and move. This is the number one reason I bought it. I needed that motivation. I love to accomplish my daily goal!

Do you have a Fitbit or other step/activity tracker? What is working for you?

Monday, February 9, 2015

Grammy Night…They Wore What?

Honestly, I do not really watch the Grammy's or Oscars or any other award show. BUT I do look at the red carpet Best and Worst Dress the next day!

I am not a fashionista. Heck, I fell like I am luck my blacks match! But I know what I like and what I don't in fashion. I lean more towards a classic look maybe with a hint of edge. I know I am not knowledgable about the latest trends (I am usually a year late on jumping on a bandwagon), but sometimes it's not about being cutting edge it is about looking nice and appropriate.

It is a-ok if you do not agree with me. I am just stating my opinion. We all have them, like….belly buttons! (You thought I'd say something else didn't you?). I am not trying to sway anyone's mind nor bash/discredit the fashion industry. So here are my top 4 Best and Worst Dress of Grammy Night 2015. All photos come from

Classy Annie Lenox!
She wears the dress not the dress
wearing her.
Not a fan to T-Swift, but I do like her dress
It is classy but edgy. She pulled it
off well!

I don't know what it is about this dress,
the color, the slit, the off shoulder
but love, love, love it! You wore
it well, Zendaya

Anna Kendrick wows in this pant suit
Edgy and modern with a twist. Love
going outside the box.


Madonna, you are an amazing woman and
have found your fountain of youth, I just
wish you didn't dress it. Be iconic, not moronic

We have seen her in all styles and
manor of clothing, but this
is not a good look. Is it her stance?
She seems uncomfortable and the
dress doesn't seem to fit.

Is it me or are they the most unhappiest people
out there? I like Kim's shorter hair but
the gown swallows her. 

Nick Jonas, umm, no. Not a good look. I think
of PeeWee Herman and just feel the suit
doesn't fit. Not a fan of skinny
pants on men.


RHIANNA: At first glance I didn't care for it,
but after seeing it multiple times, it is growing on