New Hobby??

With all the running around for work and juggling weekend travels to see the folks and spending time with LT, there is not much time left over for me. Call me selfish, but I need some me time. I found a way to combine a few things.

LT loves to play his bass. I love to listen to his concerts he gives me. So on Tuesday, I got to slappa da bass for the first time with a hunky instructor!

LT taught me the riff to Tom Petty's "Even the Losers". Two things I learned:
1. I do have an ear for music.
2. My pads on my finger are sore from fretting.

I didn't do to bad. I need to figure out the notes and where they are at, but I had a great time with LT and got to learn something new! (On a side note, learning something new I have grown more dendrites in the ole noggin!)

LT was a patient teacher and we finally got synched in what he was saying and me figuring out what that meant! LOL

I love learning something new and spending time with my man. Now I have a new hobby that I can spend some extra time (if I find it) to enjoy myself.  Maybe this is a turning point and I can get my life at a more even groove.


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