Looking for Me?

I have been MIA. I know. I wish I could say I have been jet-setting around the world or vegging on a beach and got a killer tan. Alas, I have been jet-setting between Oklahoma and Texas and as for the tan…I am fish belly white (unless I use St. Tropez tan-in-a-can). But I do come baring news!

As you remember from my past (long time ago), Momma was diagnosed with Bladder Cancer. Well, her 3 month check up showed significant positive response to the chemo! She is doing better, walking more and no more oxygen! She still has her days, but overall better news equals better spirits!

We are still making the trek to Oklahoma almost every weekend. We were blessed they came to Texas for Thanksgiving, and boy did we have a lot to celebrate.

I wanted my blog to be about showing how to make the best of your situation and stay positive. Don’t sit down and let things happen to you, you need to make them happen. Most importantly, knowing whatever happens good or bad, you really do got this.

But I feel like I have let you down in a way. I have been overwhelmed with mom’s diagnoses, taking care of and settling in our parents, juggling family dynamics and loving on LT and Gavin. Because of that, I have neglected my blog (and other areas of my life).  Sometimes it doesn’t feel as I “got this”.

A good example is every time, and I mean every time, I forget something at Oklahoma. Once it was a pouch of power cords. Last week, I left my only power cord to my phone. Topping off this week, I left my watch. I am so scatterbrained!

But I am going to try to get on more of a schedule and do better at blogging. I sure do miss it and y’all! I have a few posts marinating in the old noggin’ so be ready!


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