Virgin Tipsy Artist

I am type A (capital, underline twice, bold letter A) personality. This comes in handy with my job…personal life, hit or miss. But when it comes to being creative and outside my box, that's where it goes out the window.

See, last week I went to one of those lets-have-fun-and-paint-while-drinking-alcohol-so-it-doesn't-matter-how-it-turns-out parties. I was looking forward to it, all excited to spend time with my sister K and just relax and unwind. Then I walked into the room.

You ever get that nervous hives nest of bees swarming around in your stomach? Yay, there I am feeling this start up. But I'm cool. We find out seats and my type A personality starts to take hold.

Thankfully, I did not have to do everything by free hand. Actually everything was a template you had to trace on the canvas. Here is what a dialogue in my head would sound like:

"Where do I put the legs? How far apart should they be from one another? They are too far apart, she looks fat! OMG chevron socks! Cute! Wait, how do I lay it out? The chevron is making the shoes look wonky! The socks don't look like chevron if I make the shoes look correct. I want chevrons and normal shoes!" 

Exhausting, right? It only got better. I was getting the hang of it tracing and mixing my paint. On went the background and found my groove.

Then I got a little cocky. Decided to got outside the box and do a different color with the dots. A Halloween picture needs some orange so let's do orange dots.

After I got the paint, I started to breath a little heavy and a little line of sweat dotted my forehead. My hands were shaking because I was going off grid. Yes, just over a different color of dots! But I stayed on the path I had forged and made it through going my own way.

As you can see everything worked out just fine.

The moral of the story is to try new things. You never know what you can do unless you take that first step. Get outside your comfort zone, even if it makes you uncomfortable. You never know what you can do or learn.

Just remember…you got this!


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