Red Ribbon Door Decoration

So every year schools in Texas celebrate Red Ribbon Week. All week we focus on promoting being drug free. Think of homecoming week with their themed days, but it is about being drug free.

We always decorate our classroom doors. This year I had the perfect decoration in mind….MINION! Yes I am a minion-a-holic. I just love those little guys! I have even had students give me stuffed minion dolls! So of course my door had to be a minion.

They even have their own seats in class!

I researched pinterest and then went for it. I was blessed with 3 of my boys helping me out. They were having so much fun! I will also admit, those guys came up with ways to make the minion that was easier and faster, but I will never admit a guy had a better idea than a girl. LOL!

So without further ado….The minion door!

Now if I could win a contest….do we even have one?


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