Picking Pumpkins

I love autumn! Have I shared that before? Well, I do! One thing I love is being able to go to the Farmer's Market in Dallas and pick out my pumpkin. My sister and I would walk all around the area and size everything up, debating sizes, diameters, and how many to make the perfect combination. Finally, we will pick the spot and start pulling out different ones seeing how they look next to each other….gotta have a tall, skinny and a short fat. I have been doing it for years and look forward to it!

This year, LT thinks we should get our pumpkins out of a Walmart cardboard box. Now I ask you…does that scream fun, picture worthy and memory making? I just had a visual of him taking pictures of me in Walmart pulling a pumpkin out of a cardboard box. Photos on Aisle 3! The sad part is, he would do it too! UGH!

Needless to say we are still pumpkin free on our front porch and it may continue that way through the season. It is more than putting a fat orange ball on the porch to signify it is autumn, but it is the closeness of picking it out, the fun of debate, and the sense of accomplishment we worked together to make it ours.

Memories are things we can take with us. LT and I both believe in making memories. I believe in taking photos to capture that memory he prefers mental photos. I guess I need to remember we are making memories together and it should not matter where we buy a pumpkin, they are all the same.

With everything going on in life, focusing on what is important is the key. We will have fond memories of this autumn. Heck, it is almost as much fun debating where to buy the pumpkins as to actually doing it!


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