Last Minute Halloween Decorating

Yes, I can read a calendar. I know that October is almost over with already. Give a girl a break! At least I have finally put up my Halloween decorations! Even though it is one of my most favorite holiday, and autumn my favorite season, life still kept me from enjoying my decorations longer. That's ok. It is finally done! Here is what I threw together. Unfortunately I have bought nothing new.

Outside my little house sits my welcome sign and my skeleton
I picked up last year at Joann's Fabric.
It is made with a spring for a spine!

The entry way. I made the "BOO" sign.
I put out the Munster family picture, which was
signed by Pat Priest last year, in place of honor!

On the mantle. Just a mix and match of stuff I have.
Some are still in the box.
Of course I had to put up my new picture I painted!
This is Merrill. He was a package deal.
Now he sits in the spare room with the door closed.
He is a freaky little old man that is about 3 -4 feet tall.
Sometimes I wonder about him…and my sanity!

I always think of the Seinfeld episode where Jerry is in Kramer's apartment and hears a noise and footsteps. Sometimes I lay in bed like this and wonder if the noise I heard was Merrill.


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