Thoughts of Fall

I am on a roll thinking, dreaming, wishing for fall to get here full force! To make myself feel better, I looked through my pictures of fall. Isn't it amazing the power of a photograph? These pictures are from trips I took to the east coast for vacation.

Can't you feel the cool, crisp breeze?
Can't you see the long shadows stretching and reaching out?
Can't you hear the crunch of the leaves in a peaceful forest?
Can't you smell the Earth settling in for a winter nap?
Enjoy the journey.

Covered bridges remind me of fall. This is in the White Mountains.
Makes me want to take a horse and carriage
ride snuggled under a blanket with LT. 

My favorite decorated house in Salem, MA.
Love the mums and pumpkins with
big lights!

In Salem, Ma you can find all kinds of pumpkins!

Carved pumpkins in the park at night in Rhode Island.


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