Never Forget

Today is the day we must never forget. Most of us won't. Even if we were not there front and center, we were glued to out TVs, radios and internet watching it all unfold. We were there in spirit and most of us wanted to be there to wrap our fellow Americans in our arms and let them know they were not alone, that we are grieving with them.

Today is the anniversary of 9/11. I don't have to remind those of you who are reading this what this date signifies. You all lived it with me.

As I have mentioned, LT is a fireman; proud of him and the job he does, hands down. I can't imagine anything happening to him, let alone on a scale of that magnitude. But his job did bring me in contact, in a round about way, with a wonderful group intent on keeping the memory alive of those first responders who gave their lives to safe others.

This year I joined the Dallas 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb Committee. They are dedicated to put on an annual stair climb for active first responders to fill the 343 firefighters, 70 police officers and 9 medical technicians to be remembered. Our climbers also wear their gear as they climb, just like in 9/11. This  means the firefighters were wearing approximately 60 extra pounds of gear. Our committee put on the Stair Climb last weekend, September 6, 2014.

The climbers wear lanyards with names and a picture of a first responder. At the end of the climb, they put the names on the accountability board.

This year, we had police officers from New York and firefighters from Chicago. There were even climbers from Canada and Poland! This event is getting international recognition!

Currently, there are stair climbs throughout the United States. I encourage everyone to go, experience and support their local first responders during this event. Nothing is asked of you but to watch and cheer them on as they climb 110 floors.

Climbers getting ready

Climbers headed to lower level to start their climb
of 55 floors, take elevator down and climb for
a second time equalling 110 floors.

Honor Guard at attention. As climbers complete,
they put the name they climbed for on the
accountability board.

Proof NYPD were in da' house! Thanks for
coming to TX to climb!


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