I'm Hanging in There!

First off...I am writing this on my blogger app on my phone. First time I am using it so I apologize if my post is wonky. Now on to my insight for the day.
I have been dealing with my feelings about my mom's cancer diagnoises and how it is affecting the family.

On top of that it is time to get the new school year started in which I am teaching two classes in a new program. It means going outside my box and having a weekend to prepare my lessons and room. It's down to the wire and I am hoping to have the first two days ready!

The one thing I have learned about myself is
1. I work well under pressure
2. I can pull it out of my ass and have a great chance of looking good.
Are you a pressure worker? Do you preform better under pressure? Let me know! I am hoping im not the only one!


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