Reason for Absence: Short Version

My favorite picture of momma with her
great grand baby Alli.
Let me start off by apologizing for falling off the face of blog world! July has been an emotional roller coaster. The super short version is on July 11 we found out my mother has transitional cell carcinoma of the pelvic region. The plan is to do chemo for bladder cancer, which weirdly started in the kidney and not bladder.

While we were all in Wichita for tests my mom needed to do, she contracted pneumonia and we rushed her to the ER around 1 am on Thursday morning. She spent a week in the hospital for that, but luckily we did get all the tests done, although the outcome is still the same.

While at home dealing with mom and her recovery of pneumonia, cancer, and pain management, we received the call we were waiting on…my Aunt Linda (mom's baby sister) has finally succumbed to her cancer. Our angel on earth was taken home Monday night.

With all of this going on, you can see where I prioritized my life and unfortunately my blog has been put on the bottom of the list. I am still trying to process all of this. The last two weeks have been a fog mostly. I think I may need to use my blog as a release, an outlet, a place of sanctuary for my thoughts and feelings.

To be honest, I am just taking it one day at a time. Even though I can no longer be there physically, my heart is still there.

Before I end this post, I have to say I am blessed with amazing sisters who have taken such good care of momma without any thought to themselves. We have all stepped up and work together as a team, but feel my sisters need the recognition for everything they have done. We all would not do anything different and would continue taking care of momma and poppy as long as we can.

Life is a funny creature and I just can't figure it out. LT reassures me - "we really do got this, babe".  On more than one occasion I have questioned if I really got this and honestly a voice in my head whispers "no". I guess I really did pick an amazing word of the year…brave. Don't feel it but being forced to be it.

Please forgive me if I am sporadic in my presence here. Love to all and prayers always appreciated!


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